Behind the headlines

A section of The National Health Service (NHS Choices) runs a service which "provides an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news". Sadly, this is necessary because the press often gets the story wong, or sensationalises it and, in some cases, claims results that are the direct opposite of what the research found!

We will do our best to gather stories that relate to children's health and publish the NHS Choices commentary here

Radiation exposure and iodine tablets (24th March 2011)

Breastfeeding 'linked to school grades' (March 14th 2011)
Advice for managing child fever (March 1st 2011)
Symptoms of child infections studied (Feb 28th 2011)
NICE warns of alternative allergy tests (Feb 23rd 2011)
Children's diets "still lack nutrition" (Feb 18th 2011)
Risk of energy drinks examined (Feb 15th 2011)
Child diet "linked to IQ" (Feb 8th 2011)
Study examines peanut allergy in England (7th Feb 2011)
ADHD children should have diets assessed (4th Feb 2011)
Antibiotic link to bowel problems unclear (18th January 2011)
Call for breastfeeding advice to be re-examined (14th January 2011)
Alternative medicine danger for children (23rd December 2010)
Mobile telephones and mums-to-be (7th December 2010)
Motherhood "brain boost" unproven (21st October 2010)
Overfeeding linked to child obesity (30th September 2010)
Breastfeeding "fights infection" (28th September 2010)
Early babies and special needs (9th June 2010)