Parenting courses

The next course will be a day-long course held in the spring of 2016. The date will be advised in due course.

The programme is made up of five two hour modules:

  1. The secrets of child development
    * core principles of the developing child and what you can do practically to support them
  2. Behaviour and sibling relationships
    * how positively to manage and guide your child’s behaviour for the best
    * understanding the sibling dynamic in order to reduce sibling conflict
  3. Language development and the basics of literacy
    * the foundations that underpin all language and reading
    * preparing your child for school
  4. Number development and the basics of maths
    * creating a love of, and ease with, numbers
  5. Creativity
    * setting free your child’s inner artist

09:45 – 17:00

Armenian Church Hall, Iverna Gardens, London W8 6TP

£200 per person for the entire course, with a reduction to £300 if a husband and wife attend together.

Please use our contact form if you wish to reserve a space?